What is Corporate Housing?

For RSM, Corporate Living will provide a fully furnished accommodation that is convenient to your work location. From TVs to spoons, we have you covered. All you need to bring is your clothes and a toothbrush and you will be set.

What’s Included?



Your accommodation will be fully furnished and will include items like a sofa, dining table, TV, bed, pillows, linens/towels, and more. For a full list of standard furnishings, please view our accommodations page linked below.



Your accommodation will include a variety of housewares for your convenience. These housewares include a full-size refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, dishes, kitchen utenstils, baking dishes, and more. For a full list of standard housewares, please view our accommodations page linked below.



Your accommodation will include electricity, gas, water, wireless high-speed internet, high-definition cable, and unlimited nationwide telephone service. To see additional items included in your package, please view our accommodations page linked below.

Move-In & Move-Out Procedures


As Corporate Living prepares for your arrival, we want to provide you with a few reminders to ensure your move-in day goes smoothly. Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions, comments, or concerns prior to your move-in.

In the days leading up to your arrival, Corporate Living will send you your accommodation address and information about the community, so you can start to become familiar with your temporary home.

Just prior to your arrival, you will receive an email containing your Arrival Details. This detailed email will provide you with your apartment address, specific unit number, mailbox number (and mail retrieval process), parking instructions, directions for picking up your keys on arrival day, and various other important arrival instructions.

Forget any or all of this on move-in day? Don't worry: Corporate Living will be available to assist you by email or phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Looking ahead to your move-out and departure, Corporate Living will guide you through a few easy steps to make this process as simple as possible.

Leading up to your expected departure date, Corporate Living will reach out to you to confirm its accuracy. If your departure date has changed, Corporate Living will contact your company for approval.

You will receive detailed departure instructions that outline the requirements for apartment inspection. Original keys and fobs must be returned to avoid any charges, as well as any parking passes. Specific details will be clearly outlined to you leading up to your move-out.

If you need any assistance with the arrival or departure process, contact us at any time by email or phone.

Get to Know Your New City

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Get to Know Your Community

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